this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper…

this paper inspired my friend's remodeling project

I love wallpaper when used in moderation in a home.  I think it adds quite a bit of style and interest to a space.  However, when recently at a consult, I suggested to a client that we use wallpaper to break up a room and create a decorative focal point. She quickly replied that I wasn’t the designer for her, because wallpaper was in style in the 1970’s and not vogue today.  Well, she was correct. Wallpaper was in style in the 1970’s, but what she doesn’t understand is that it is very fashionable today as well!  I encourage you to take a look at all the fabulous wallpapers currently on the market!  Everything from flocked velvet to an amazing variety of grass cloths….check out for the samples below and a variety of other fun patterns.  I also adore Thibaut designs as I think they are classic and whimsical.  I have used their grasscloths for many recent projects.

Dark sea foam green/blue fine mesh grass cloth: WND116White & Silver Mylar Grill velvet flocked wallpaper: RVV7

2 Comments on “this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper…”

  1. I am a big fan of great wallpaper and each of my three bathrooms has unique and beautiful paper. When I was purchasing it I heard all sort of grumblings from friends, even such a thoughtful comment as “kathleen, the 80’s called and they want their wallpaper back.” But almost seven years later I am still in love with my fabulous bathrooms and their wallpaper.

    • I love that you LOVE your wallpaper and that you followed your “design intuition”. That is a fabulous story and one that I will pass along to the wallpaper doubters out there! Thank you for commenting and sharing!

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