let’s talk about bathroom linens…

Appliqued hand towel by Leontine Linens

Today I am going to blog about something unexpected-bathroom linens!  When was the last time you were visiting a home that had lovely guest towels or linens?  Fine appliqued and hand embroidered linens is a lost art that you don’t often see today.  Try placing a beautiful hand towel in your bathroom the next time you entertain.  It is a little luxury that makes a big impact on your guests. Wonderful linens can be found at tag sales, resale shops or  in your grandmother’s hope chest!  Enjoy their beauty and use them daily, during a party or while hosting a luncheon with friends!   Let me indulge you with a few of my favorites….

White terry towel with orange linen trim and embroidered Addison monogram by Leontine Linens

Vintage hand embroidered hand towel $6.50 listed by Genuine Branches at etsy.com

Retro owl hand embroidered guest towel $25.00 at etsy.com by MelysHandEmbroidery

Set of two guest towels $70.00 iomoi for Matouk

2 Comments on “let’s talk about bathroom linens…”

  1. these are lovely! Nothing make me feel more welcomed or loved than a friend having a pretty towel out when I come over. Of course I then tell my kids not to touch them, ha! What are your thoughts on linen and its immediate look of wrinkle as soon as someone touches it, or {gasp} uses it to wipe their hands? I have a beautiful set of monogrammed towels that I put out cautiously at Christmas and then kept putting them back away, and then sneaking them out, and then hiding them again.

    • You are correct that linen does wrinkle quickly, but I think that makes it all the more interesting and pretty! As you can tell by my post, I also love the crisp look of white terry cloth with a lovely appliqued monogram. I tend to encourage my clients to go in that direction when investing in bathroom hand towels. When using terry cloth, you don’t have to worry about the way the linen looks after it is used (if that bothers you) and they are easy to wash. My philosophy on having lovely items in your home is to just enjoy them everyday. Life is too short and it is so fun to enter a room and see something you adore that makes you smile! Thank you for the comments. I love answering questions!

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