Finding your inspiration when decorating…

One question that I am asked the most often is “How should I start to design my room?”  My answer is always the same: Start the  process by finding something that makes you smile and happy every time you look at it!   Maybe it is the color of  paint on your wall,  a vase you bought at a resale shop, or your great aunt’s silver platter which reminds you of your childhood. All are easy ways to find inspiration that will help you start the decorating process for your space.  I have a friend who based some of her remodeling decisions on wallpaper she fell in love with for her dining room.  The colors in the paper influenced her choices for new tile in her powder room.   The whimsy of the pattern in the paper led her to fun and carefree elements of design in other aspects of her home.  So, what is inspiring you today when you look at  your house or apartment?    Find something that makes your house YOUR home by incorporating what  you love into the rooms.  Take a look at a few of my inspirations over the years:

This is a fabulous inspiration that sits on my desk and keeps me motivated everyday. My friend Ellen found a four leaf clover and presented it to me in this lovely little "birthday box". This is one of my more cherished possessions.

This owl was originally a Christmas ornament that now spends his days on my dining room table. This $15.00 trinket adds whimsy to my room that I couldn't achieve with a more expensive piece of art.


A carved wooden sheep that I purchased on one of my "I am an adult now!" trips with my friend Angela in a tiny village in Brazil. I stare at him daily as he rests on one of my family room bookshelves.

I purchased this hand carved wooden soldier from an antique dealer. She told me that he used to reside in a child's bedroom in Italy. He now hangs on my kitchen door and his colors inspired my choices for the room.

Obviously, I have a fondness for hand carved wooden animals! She rode home on my lap from Sicily, Italy, fifteen years ago and is priceless to me. The color of red on her bow influenced the fabric on my living room sofa.



2 Comments on “Finding your inspiration when decorating…”

  1. lavonne diers says:

    love it!

  2. Shade It Easy says:

    One of the best benefits of using an inspiration piece is the confidence it gives you in subsequent decisions: I know I love, love, love the wallpaper we’re going to put in the dining room. So colors, themes, mood we pull from it elsewhere in the house are going to “fit” and contribute to the same feeling. (I’m the wallpaper friend mentioned in the blog!)

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