Furniture that is a work of art…

I spend a lot of time educating my clients about investing in furniture that is so well made it is destined to become  an “heirloom piece” that will be handed down for generations to come.  What a nice thought to have those cherished items in your home, that are so finely constructed that your great-grandchildren will still be enjoying them 100 years from now.   I had the fabulous experience of understanding this type of craftmanship when I attended an evening featuring Tom Moser at a reception which showcased furniture pieces that highlighted the past 40 years of his incredible career.     When you have his work in your presence, the attention to detail  is so incredible and refined that you realize you are looking at designs which are functional, comfortable and art.  And, if you think I may be exaggerating his talents, you should view some of his major installations the next time you are near Duke University’s Perkins Library, The Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, or UCLA Law School.  (I only named a few…!!!)

Thos. Moser at Exxon Corporation, Houston, Texas

Thos. Moser’s retail line to the public is amazing.  Below are some highlights and a few of my favorites:

Vita Dining Table and Chairs

Comfy and timeless chaise that could be incorporated into most any decor

Ellipse Dining Chairs

I missed Mr. Moser’s talk during the cocktail reception, but  my tardiness became a blessing in disguise, because I was able to speak to him myself later in the evening.  I asked him for a quote for all of my fun and fabulous followers and here is what he said, “I realized the last time I spoke in Houston was in 1986 at Rice University. The morning of the talk, I had the television on in my hotel room and I watched the Challenger Space shuttle explode.  A lot of the audience members that day were associated with Houston’s space program.  It was a touching moment that I will remember forever.”  I then asked him to describe his furniture and his thoughts on what defines his company, “At Thos. Moser, we are artists who are craftsmen rather than furniture makers.  When you are buying a Thos. Moser chair you aren’t just buying a piece of furniture,  you are buying art that will be passed down for generations to come.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I encourage you to discover this lost art as well.

Michele and Mr. Moser

5 Comments on “Furniture that is a work of art…”

  1. Mary Stark-Love says:

    You’re so right – his furniture is beautiful and functional. Add well made and how can you go wrong. Glad you got to meet him in person.

  2. LaVonne says:

    interesting! pieces at DWR?

    • Design Within Reach does not carry Thos. Moser furniture. He has showrooms in the following locations:
      Freeport, Maine
      Boston, MA
      New York, NY
      Washington, DC
      San Francisco, CA
      You can also purchases his pieces online at or speak to a representative to help you with a custom piece.

  3. I love Thos Moser. I received the most gorgeous Thos Mosier clock as a wedding gift a few years ago and it is one of my favorite things that i own!

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