You are so much more than a pair of khaki pants…

How many times have you ever received a compliment on a pair of khaki pants you were wearing?  I mean be honest.   How many strangers have ever run up to you out of breath, with arms flailing telling you they love your khaki pants? I would bet that has never ever happened to you!!!!  And do you know why?  EVERYONE owns a pair of khaki pants!

Now, it isn’t that I have anything against a good pair of khakis.  I mean they are neutral and compliment any type of clothing.  They are also safe and reliable and easy to wear.  But, if  you reflect on your life how many goals did you achieve while taking the safe and easy path?  The most rewarding journeys are the ones that take a bit of a risk.  THIS IS THE SAME PHILOSOPHY YOU SHOULD TAKE WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION AND DECORATING!!!!!  Sure,  taking a risk is a bit…ummm… risky, but I guarantee you that it will be the most satisfying in the end!

I know this concept is easier said than done.  When you dress differently from your peers, you are giving the world a glimpse of your personality and taste.  When you install velvet wallpaper in your foyer you are doing the same thing. But, here is what I tell my clients…WHO CARES?  When Madonna put a wedding dress on and rolled around on the floor for the 1984 MTV Music Awards she didn’t give a hoot what you thought.  And you know what?  She is still rocking it out 30 years later.  Why?  She is brave and a risk taker. She would rather set trends than follow them.

So, here is my food for thought for the day…if you want to add the color purple to your living room or install flocked wall coverings, then be like Nike and Just Do It!  It is only a paint color and just wallpaper that can always be changed later. It isn’t the end of the world.

And P.S….I want you to go ahead and wear the crazy, fun, fuzzy boots that you love to your son’s baseball game.  When I see you there, I will give you a high-five and applaud you for being different.  And being different is never a bad thing….as a matter of fact, you may find yourself setting the latest trend!  Keep rolling readers…I am with you.

6 Comments on “You are so much more than a pair of khaki pants…”

  1. holly anderson says:

    I agree with your “boring khaki” philosophy!

  2. Shelli Jackson says:

    This reminded me of something Sir Richard Branson (Virgin, et al) said on a radio interview, his take on the Nike motto: “screw it, just do it”. Sometimes the first part is a necessary precursor to the second.

  3. Debra says:

    Khaki isn’t very beautiful, either (even if it is serviceable). It always makes my day happier if I put on something I think is beautiful before I leave the house!

  4. Kari says:

    why didn’t I get the video??? BTY – Shuggie is a new follower!!

    • well, I just realized that lovely video was there and I didn’t post it! I was wondering what you were talking about because I didn’t see it on my end. sorry readers! WordPress was contacted…

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