five years from now…

On April 25th I was sipping coffee, wearing a big, fuzzy, white robe while sitting at a spa..(I know but it was my birthday!) and I saw this photo below in Elle Decor Magazine:

My mouth dropped when I saw this image and I immediately fell in love with this dressing room. Then I thought to myself, “That is exactly the type of room I want to have in my home in the next five years.”  I want to be sitting in that room drinking coffee wearing a big, fuzzy, white robe and never leave.  I wouldn’t have to go to the spa, because that space would be my sanctuary!  So, what did I do next?  I looked around the lounge to see if anyone was watching, and when the coast was clear, I ripped that photograph right out of  the spa’s brand spanking new magazine and shoved it in the pocket of the big, fuzzy, white robe.  Satisfied with my sneakiness, I started thinking about the passing of another year and how it is all going a bit too quickly for my taste.  I decided then and there that my goal was  to have a dressing area in my home similar to this room within the next  60 months.  Which means I have approximately 1,825 days to accomplish this desire!  If you break it down like that it really isn’t much time at all.  Is it?  I mean, I am always asking my clients to envision where they want to be in five years, so why don’t I start doing the same for myself?  I think that is so important when decorating a space.  I never want to leave my clients with a room that looks like it was done in the “style” of a particular year.  You know what I am talking about!  You walk into a home and immediately think that the decor looks like it belongs in the 1980’s and you start anticipating that Alexis Carrington will walk down the stairs dressed in the manner of Dynasty and hand you a drink while saying “Darling, please sit and have a martini with me.”  (My story is starting to not make sense if you are under the age of 35, so I will get back on track).  The way to avoid reliving any particular era when styling a space, is to have some basic good investment pieces and then find the whimsy in the accessories or the trim of a fabric.

Below are some timeless items that I will have in my dressing area when it is complete in 1,825 days. (ok..these are pricey little gems, but they will last years and will never fail me!)

Speaking of the 80’s…this classic, vintage quilted Chanel bag will never go out of style. I bought mine in 1989 for $500.00 and I still carry it today

Easy to wear with jeans, shorts or a skirt-these Gucci Damo Bamboo Driver flats are versatile and scream that you know how to wear a good shoe!

ummm…I own this and LOVE it. My animals are carried around in style and I won’t have to purchase another pet carrier in my entire life..

What other watch do you really need besides a classic Rolex?

I am obsessed with this Goyard bag that can be monogrammed! This is my next save my pennies purchase.

So, what do you think of my classic closet obsessions?  If you like them let me know. When I have my dream closet, I will invite you over to have coffee and we will wear big, fuzzy, white robes together and drink champagne while dreaming the day away…And maybe we can indulge in some Dynasty reruns as well.  Make your dreams come true.  You deserve it!

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