somewhere over the rainbow…

I was visiting a client last week and when I approached their home, I saw this picture drawn in chalk at the end of the driveway.

It is a rainbow emerging from a thunderstorm cloud on one end, and on the other side is a pot of gold.  I had to smile, because the children who lived in the house totally understand what so many of us have forgotten:  The reality that life can get cloudy and dark and it rains.  And just when you think it won’t end, the sunshine peeks through and produces this wonderful surprise called a rainbow.

Here are a few of my Fun and Fabulous Finds that I think make bad weather a bit more sunny and bright:

This umbrella by Lulu Guinness is a happy discovery!

Why not indulge this spring and have a custom hat created just for you to help you weather the storms in style.

Sit and watch the weather in luxurious outdoor comfort on Brown and Jordan furniture.  I have my grandmother’s Brown and Jordan patio furniture from the 1970’s.  Once you own Brown and Jordan you will understand that there is a difference!

And all of this talk about the weather makes me want to move here:

I left my heart in San Francisco when I first visited at age 13 and I adore going back whenever possible.

So, wherever life takes you today, just remember that at the end of the storm you may discover an unexpected prize that ends up being  your pot of gold.   Sometimes it just takes some chalk on a driveway to make you stop and think about it.

2 Comments on “somewhere over the rainbow…”

  1. that umbrella is TOO cute!

  2. Hi Michele!
    Thanks for posting up my Maggie cloche hat.
    The umbrella is cute…

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