Sneak a peek behind the scenes…

I will always remember May 22, 2012 as a fun and fabulous day!  This is because I had the best time and experience filming a video series for….

American Blinds.  Let me give you a sneak peek  “behind the scenes”  so that when you check out the videos in a month or so you will have an even better idea of how the production was filmed.  First of all, I was lucky and grateful to have one of the BEST stylists in the country on site with me all day.  Her name is Victoria Callaway and when you see my makeup, hair and clothes, you will understand why she is the one to call when you need a pro!  She is lovely and calming and works with everyone from Presidents to movie stars..what a lucky chick I was to have her by my side.

The fabulous Victoria Callaway touching up my make-up between filming.

Robert rolling the camera, while Katie, the Public Relations Director from American Blinds helps to make the day easy and breezy.

Helping me figure out what to say next!

Victoria’s bag of tricks.

Victoria working her magic for video number 3.


It’s a wrap…see I know the lingo!

Now you have a tiny glimpse of the fun to come when the videos are released!  Until then,  if you need any window coverings check out American Blinds online.  With their low price guarantee, free samples and fabulous customer service reps there is no reason to order anywhere else!  Thanks for peeking at a few pics of one of my best days ever.  Sometimes life just gives you a tiny present all wrapped up in a pretty box with a bow.  May 22nd was one of those days for me.  As they say on stage, “break a leg”!  I am lovin’ every minute of it and I hope you are lovin’ on your life today as well!

18 Comments on “Sneak a peek behind the scenes…”

  1. Leah Tuffly says:

    And a star is born!

  2. Tonya says:

    you look beautiful! Congrats!

  3. Shade It Easy says:

    so glad to hear it was fun — can’t wait to see the finished videos!

  4. You were such a joy to work with!!

    Xoxox, Victoria

  5. holly anderson says:

    Michele, I admire your talent and can’t wait to see the videos!

  6. heatherjg79 says:

    Love your hair!!!! looking forward to seeing the final product!

  7. Ceci says:

    Throw us a bone and send out some clips!

  8. stephanie says:

    Congrats, Michele, you look amazing! Can’t wait to see the videos!

  9. Jules says:

    How exciting and awesome for you! You look great, Blondie!

  10. L says:

    super! proud xxo

  11. April Harrison says:

    You look AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the full clip!

  12. Marti says:

    How exciting! Glad you are having so much fun doing what you love. May we all find that.

  13. Lynda says:

    Congrats Michele! Looks like you had a blast.

  14. Julia Tamm says:

    Lovin’ my blinds from American Blinds! Such a great change for our house. Are the videos out yet?

    • I am hoping the videos will be out within the next month. They will be posted on their website and I will blog about them when they are public. It was a very fun day….

      I love your blinds as well!!!

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