I want to be Gloria’s friend…

So, let’s rock back to the 1970’s (something I always love to do) and see if you remember these…

still lovin’ the iconic logo on the back pocket

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.  Those tight fitting, had-to-have-them, iconic pants of the 1970’s!  I love this lady.  She is 88 years old and still a timeless woman.  I have been obsessed with her style, history and art (she loves to paint) lately.  Anderson Cooper is her youngest child and I just want to hang out with the two of them and listen to all of their fun and fabulous stories.  And can you imagine the time they must have when they gather with their friends?  In my mind, I am meeting them for a martini here this evening:

Four Seasons Hotel New York

Yes, I can picture myself sitting and sipping with Anderson and Gloria and chatting about our daily adventures at the Four Seasons Hotel New York.  Then we would attend a taping of his daily talk show and I would wear something like this:

Gloria would appreciate me wearing the outfit on the right.

Look at Gloria in the above image at the Surrealism Ball in 1941 with Salvador Dali. Then check out the inspiration photo on the right of the Rochas Summer 2012 sunglasses.  Photo courtesy of: French Little Thing.

Anderson interviewed his mother last year and did a brief recap of her amazing life.  During the interview, Gloria stated that she loves to redecorate the rooms in her home every three to six months because it renews and inspires her creativity.  We should all have that attitude!  Obviously, most people can’t afford to redecorate every 90 days, but you can always add new and fun things into your decor based on the season.  As an example, look at this little gem that I found at an estate sale that my friend Ellen received from me as a birthday treat. (Ellen has a classic yet fashion forward vibe to her clothes and decor, so I am incorporating her into my Gloria story.)

See the porcelain orange fish? It is from the 1970’s and fits right in with the vibe of this story and era. I could only give this gift to a good friend, because I fell in love with him! But he has a stylish new home…I mean look at her decor!

Ok..back to Gloria…maybe now you can understand a bit better why she has become one of my fashion icons. I want to possess her attitude and grace during the next 40 years of my life.

Gloria knew she was fun and fabulous in 1966

Still rocking the look at 88!

Want to learn more about this inspiring woman?  Check out her art at Gloria Vanderbilt Fine Art. Let’s all keep our lives inspirational and true today. Until next time-

4 Comments on “I want to be Gloria’s friend…”

  1. Ellen Morris says:

    Come join cute fish Olivier and me anytime…we can brainstorm up some inspiration!

    • I love Olivier and I am so happy he will be living with you. I may take him hostage for a day or two, but I will return him to you safely after I stare at his beauty for a bit and admire his smile and charming fishy ways.

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