The heat is on…

Here are a few fun and fabulous faves to help you keep your cool this week…

We all need a bit of protection in this world, and this is my must have pick to protect your skin from the sizzling summertime sun.  I have used this product for 15 years and it always leaves my skin with a dewy sun-kissed glow.  So give it a try, as no one wants the I am as red as a lobster look anymore.

Speaking of lobsters….throw on this cashmere sweater while you are sitting on the beach at night admiring your sun-kissed skin.

I can picture myself wearing this over my bikini top with a pair of frayed denim shorts.  Why doesn’t anyone except the models in the magazines wear the frayed denim shorts anymore?  Remember in high school when your favorite jeans had a hole in the knee and you were bummed, but then you cut them off  and wore them all summer as shorts and they were so comfy and fab looking?  Let’s bring this trend back again…I will do this to a pair of my jeans this summer.  You guys should join me and we will wear them and be even cooler than the models in the magazines.

Ohhh…and maybe while you are at the beach looking at the ocean and thinking about your fabulous glowing complexion you will sit in style in one of these portable lounge chairs…I love the handle on the side that you can slip over your shoulder and it is only $15.00.

Now that you are lounging and looking fab in your new finds, what if you sip a refreshing beverage of choice (in recyclable cups, because everyone knows you can’t take glass containers to the beach.  And we all are aware that plastic is a problem and this isn’t 1985) and carry your goodies in this fab tote made from recyclable sails.

And all of this talk about the beach and lobsters and sun makes me want to relive a fun and fabulous time I had at this restaurant in West Hartford, Connecticut with my fun and fabulous fourteen year old son.

We all feel the hot air a blowin’ in our world… indulge in something to help you keep your cool  today….

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