Keeping it simple this summer

Spoiler alert: The first paragraph of my posting is sappy and sentimental, but keep reading because there are rocking items for you to review and try so…just read! I love the sweet memories that the summer season creates:  For me, it was catching fireflies with my uncle and watching them light up in a jar in the dark of the night, or the excitement of running up the big hill to greet my Grammy on the  playground and then going back to her home to eat freshly picked strawberries in the cozy kitchen…

It is always the simplest of things that creates the strongest impression.  So here are a few of my simplistic, summertime fun and fabulous finds to help you beat the heat and not break the bank.

Ladies, when you go out in the sun, try Dream Nude Airfoam foundation from Maybelline.  It is light and airy and has a sunscreen built into the product.  No one wants to see your foundation flailing off of your skin at the pool and I really like this product.  This stuff is fab and at only $10.99…c’mon!

Now, below are more make up treats I will share with you so you don’t have the summertime blues on your beautiful eyes and lips:

I love this L’Oreal Infallible lip gloss in Suede.  It is the perfect summertime shade of neutral for the pool or beach and it is only $9.99

Sorry Charlie, but I still think this mascara is better than any of the more expensive ones my friends have raved about and I have literally tried them all.  Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara $8.00!

Now finish out your summertime look with my other little nuggets of joy:

Take this hand crafted $20.00 bag with you from Casa Artelexia to the pool and rock that free lovin’ summertime style.  Plus, this is cool and you can carry it while wearing this outfit below:

I bought this kaftan from Jen’s Pirate Booty last year and wore it so much that one of my friends offered to buy me some new clothes.  But you know what?  It was worth every penny and so versatile.  Mine is actually longer and a more of a dress and I apologize to all my clients who saw me in this non-stop and were getting a bit worried about my sanity….Oh, and P.S.- Make sure you read the label this Malibu based designer puts in her clothes as her quotes are inspirational, fun and feel good.

And speaking of California….kick it like the real surfers and beach bunnies do by donning a pair of these flip-flops.

When you put on a pair of Rainbow Sandals you are wearing a classic since 1974.

So, those are my suggestions to help you lighten up your style as summer is now in full force. Keep cool and be who you are meant to be….

10 Comments on “Keeping it simple this summer”

  1. stephanie says:

    Remember that swinging fence on the playground? And that metal slide that was too hot to touch? And you’re right, that’s the best mascara!

  2. Heather says:

    Enjoying all of these “nuggets of joy” you are sharing!

  3. Omahaha says:

    Love your blog, Michele! Always a couple of smart, beautiful and practical tips I get when I visit. Thanks so much for your research and sharing.

  4. Ina Perlman says:

    I can’t wait to try all your ideas !!! I’m sharing your blog twith Alex. She’ll love it too !!! Ina

  5. Julia Tamm says:

    That top just looks sooo familiar :-)….. Thanks for the makeup hints – always looking for good items!

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