Coco, Audrey, Ali, Goldie and a woman from Ohio

Fifteen years ago, I met a stylish and refined woman in her 70’s while on a two-week cruise sailing in the Mediterranean (I know…I know….but I was young and didn’t have kids).  We immediately bonded and spent a lot of time chatting about the joys of traveling and life. The last day we were together on the trip, she leaned over and whispered  something in my ear that I will always remember.
Here is what she said to me during our last night on she ship, “Darling, I so enjoy the fact that you love to dress. It’s not about dressing up, but about having fun dressing.  I have one daughter and she hates fashion. She will never dress appropriately because she says it isn’t comfortable.  Can you believe that?   I told my daughter that I haven’t been comfortable for fifty years. Fashion isn’t about comfort. It is about style. ”

She then took a sip of her martini, hugged me goodnight and retreated to her cabin. I understood how she felt.  Any chick who is a slave to style gets it.  It was a tiny moment, shared by two women 40 years apart in age who related to one another. So in honor of that fun and fabulous woman from Ohio (who is forever one of my personal fashion icons) here are a few other stylish fashionistas who continue to pass the test of time…

Well, Coco Chanel did it first and probably does it best…Yes, I am talking about the little black dress.  Every chick needs one and if you buy the correct one, you will never have to purchase another.

Now you can’t think of classic style without thinking of Audrey Hepburn.  I love looking at fashion photos of her from the past, as all of her clothes look like they could be in a magazine today.

Doesn’t this bag from the 1970’s look like something Audrey would carry?  You better buy this before I do as it is only $26.00 on Etsy at Ideally Vintage.

Ali MacGraw has that cool,  all American look that is both sophisticated and casual at the same time.  I met her once (I know…I know…but I have to tell you that) and she still is rocking the same look today as she was forty years ago.  I just imagine her throwing on a pair of jeans with a white shirt and adding this little vintage gem below in her ponytail:

Yes, it is an Hermès scarf, and yes it is expensive.  But once again if you own one you really don’t need any others…I am speaking the truth.  And last, but not least, when we talk about style, I have to add this bohemian beauty:

Goldie Hawn!!!…She is in her mid sixties and is still wearing clothes that dance to the beat of her own drummer.  I love that.  I want to be Goldie for a day and run around in a pair of these boots while walking the streets of Aspen:

The white patent Go-Go Boot.  I just have to share with you that I have a pair of these and actually wear them and they look so cute.  They are fun. Life should be fun, so I stick them on my feet and just a Go-Go all over town.  Where will you be Go-Going today in your mind?  In my dreams, I am with Ali and Goldie and we are talking about all the great outfits they have worn throughout the years.

8 Comments on “Coco, Audrey, Ali, Goldie and a woman from Ohio”

  1. Beibei Wu says:

    Love the vintage pictures – Victoria Beckham in Peplum ❤

  2. paula says:

    Loving your posts Michele 🙂

    I am inspired to be a little less conservative and a bit more playful in my dressing!

  3. What a great story and great memory! i also love that hermes scarf!

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