Come sail away with me

I love the ocean.  My dream is to have a home one day where I can just get up in the morning and walk to the beach.  Maybe I have this longing for the sun and the sea because  I grew up in the great plains of Nebraska, where in my opinion, it is very cold eight months out of the year.

So you know what I have done over the years to make myself feel like I live by the water?  I name my twin boys Coast and Crews (so cute..right?) and I send my oldest son to sailing camp in North Carolina.  Basically, when it comes to my longing for wanting to live on the beach, I live vicariously through my kids.

Now back to the topic of the ocean.  Check out these items that make me feel like hopping on a ship to sail the seven seas.

I love these canvas boat shoes by Top Siders for J Crew.  They come in a variety of colors and are fun and fabulous.

Put these cute anchors on your ears before you enter the boat.  They are by Gorjana and at $35.00 will not break your budget.  And the money you save will allow you to buy this cashmere sweater which you can find at Tuckernuck:

Complete your summer sailing ensemble with the Shark watch by Freestyle.  They are waterproof, colorful and will add some practical fun to your beach wear.

You might want to slip on these Malibu shorts over your swim suit when you are on deck by Seaton Surf:

And when you are done sunning yourself, eat off of these cute personalized plates by Preppy Princess.  Whether  you are at land or sea they are an easy option for entertaining:

And all of this talk about sailing makes me want to jump on a Windstar Cruise to sail the summer days away.  (For those of you paying attention, this is the cruise where I met the woman who inspired the last blog I posted).

If anyone wants to ask me on their boat for a couple of days, I will be more than happy to accept your invitation.  Enjoy the sweet days of summer. Until next time-

5 Comments on “Come sail away with me”

  1. Amanda says:

    I want to go with you, pleeeease! Lol. I loved this article, makes me want to go on a cruise badly!

  2. Leah Tuffly says:

    You know Dad’s dream was to live on a sailboat….but with 4 kids it would have been a little crowded. Maybe not live but at least spend a lot of time.

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