what is your deal?

Here are a few of my deals that I am dying to share with my fun and fabulous readers…take the time to read what I wrote on the bottom of this post!

I just found this Agen chair by Ikea for a client.  I love the idea of mixing her heirloom dining table with these wicker chairs.  We may spray paint them white or a fun color to add some pop to the room.  And for $29.99 you really can’t go wrong…It is all about mixing the “high end pieces” with the “low” in a space.  That is what adds interest to a room.  And as an added bonus, these wicker wonders are stackable if you are short on space!

Think about how great this chair would look painted orange?  Easy to do with Dual spray paint by Krylon which is paint and primer all in one can.  I chose the color mandarin as I think it is refreshing and happy.

I have said it before and I will say it again…shop estate sales, resale shops and yard sales for vintage items!  No matter what your decor or style, this little trick of the trade not only adds interest to a room, but makes your space uniquely you!  No one wants to have their home look like their neighbor’s house  (I keep saying this-are you getting the message yet?).

And speaking of finding something fun and fabulous that is all you- Why don’t you check out www.tagsellit.com.  They list flea markets and garage sales that are happening in your area and it is a great resource to find some tiny (or large) treasures to fill your space.

And as a bonus, they are featuring me and some of my Fun and Fabulous Finds on their blog today!!!! Check them out as I am thrilled to be on their website.  You can see the article by clicking here.

I hope this inspires you to get out and scour your neighborhood garage sale this weekend.  Who knows what  bargains you may discover that others will enjoy for generations to come…. And you just might find yourself having some fun along the way.

8 Comments on “what is your deal?”

  1. holly anderson says:

    Michele – how awesome to be featured on another blog! Your ideas are very refreshing and worthy of such wide distribution! Holly

  2. Ellen Morris says:

    Very fun flea market tips…!

  3. Ina Perlman says:

    You are so clever !!! I always enjoy reading your ideas as you make them sound soooo exciting !!!

  4. Julia Tamm says:

    It is always fun to hear about your project ideas! I need to practice some spray painting as I always feel like it wouldn’t turn out very even… For our new cream leather sofa that you helped us pick out I am knitting a cream cabled pillow that will be 12″ square – it is turning out beautifully. I love to knit and just started to knit again because my daughter wanted to learn. The good yarn isn’t cheap – but cheaper than buying a nice pillow like this and I will display it with pride that I made it! If it turns out well I will knit another 2 to go with it. I have been searching a long time for the “perfect pillows” and they were *right under my fingers*. Thanks for your fun blog!

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