California Dreamin’

I have been dreaming of California for the past couple of weeks for a variety of reasons.  I will be spending three weeks there this summer and I am beyond excited.  Since I will officially be a California girl for a tiny bit of time, I am going to give a shout out to the West Coast and share a few of my sunny favorite finds.

I like this cinch one piece printed swimsuit by Lily Pulitzer in the Resort White High Tide Toile pattern for $128.00.  I think it is flattering and a great way to have some sassy fun on the beach without looking like you are a hoochy momma.  (If you are of a certain age you know what I am talking about…don’t pretend you don’t…)

I have been in love with this cover up for a couple of months ever since I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing it on the beach.  I think Kourtney has the best style and once again don’t pretend that you don’t know who she is and that you don’t watch the show.  This is the Sardinia Maxi dress in cotton for $110.00.  You can buy it at Mikoh Swimwear.  See how this woman is standing by the beautiful blue water on the beach?  I am going to do that when I am in California.  I will pose like she does and take a photo for you.

This Katy Boy Girl Kissing necklace in gold by Jennifer Zeuner reminds me of when I was in elementary school and we wore jewelry similar to this.  It is fun and we all need to be having some of that this summer.  You can find it at Shop The Trend Boutique for $189.00.

OK…I saw these sunglasses on a lady when I was eating Mexican Food at a restaurant.  She kept them on the entire dinner which was odd, because it was a very dark place to begin with and full of screaming kids. Anyway, these glasses were so fabulously fantastic on her face.  I mean so much cuter than the picture.  Of course they are by Prada.

My friend Michelle and I have worn Havaianas forever.  Like way longer than I want to admit.  I still think they are very comfy and I love this new slim version in silver.  They will cost you around $26.00.

My mom gave me a sample of Oribe shampoo and conditioner for colored hair and I thought it was divine.  My hair was soft and smelled good.  You need to protect your hair while on the beach prancing around in the sun.

Maybe I will write my next posting while sitting in the sand admiring the view….Until next time…I have some packing to do!

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