I love L.A. (Dining)

Shh….Here are a few of my fun and fabulous tips for dining in Los Angeles at some local hotspots.  Let’s start with my absolute favorite place for afternoon cocktails….

Chateau Marmont is the place to go if you want to have a drink with the stars.  Sit in the secluded garden patio and enjoy the best cocktails I have ever had in my  life.  My personal favorites are the dirty martini and the vodka caipirinha.  (If you are lucky Maxine may be the bartender who is working).

Now, if you go please remember not to take any photos. It isn’t really permitted or cool as the clientele likes their privacy.  And if you do see someone famous then you better pretend like you don’t see them.  When I was there I spotted a  popular female movie star who is the daughter of a famous rock singer and one of the original male cast members from Saturday Night Live.  But I would never ask for an autograph as no one there likes that vibe!

After you leave the Chateau then head to West Hollywood and go to Nobu.  Sit at the bar where the atmosphere is really low-key and eat off of the tapas menu.  It is a great way to enjoy the cuisine without spending the cash. (And you will need your moola after drinking at Marmont!)

If you want a more kick back evening then drive on over to Casa Vega in the San Fernando Valley for some traditional Mexican fare.  This restaurant has been a local tradition since 1956 and the interior hasn’t changed much.  But, that is part of the fun and its charm.  Sit at the bar while waiting for your table and ask Juan to make you a skinny margarita or try their classic Casa Vega Margarita on the rocks.  This place is a casual night out and you will find locals who have eaten there for 25 years.

See why I love L.A.?  Next posting is all about Malibu and Santa Monica.  See you soon in sunny California.

One Comment on “I love L.A. (Dining)”

  1. Katie says:

    Missing you from humid Texas – love hearing your sunny Cali stories!!

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