I love L.A. (Downtown)

Let’s wrap up my series on sunny Los Angeles, by giving you some tips of the trade when you are staying in the L.A. Live part of downtown.  For those of you unfamiliar, L.A. LIVE is the sports and entertainment district that surrounds STAPLES Center and Nokia Theatre.  While I was there they were hosting the première of the film “Hit and Run” with Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper. The MTV Movie Awards are held there as well.  OK…I know you are getting the picture. It is like a Disneyland for adults. But, my favorite hot spots in the area are away from that scene. I will now share them with you, so hold on to your seats as these little finds are truly fun and fab.  First up, is Pattern Bar on West 9th Street in the fashion and garment district.

This is a photo of the drinks we ordered. Doesn’t my friend Tamara take rockin’ pics?  These lovely libations are made with fresh juice and were very creative and tasty.  Below is the whimsical bar menu.  Take a look for yourself.

Notice how the names of the cocktails are all designers or models?  I know that I am sounding like a sorority chick who likes fashion, but who cares?  This was cute and cool, and not in a cheesy seen-it all-before way.  I had The McQueen (Alexander) and my friend ordered the Herrera (Carolina).  One side of the bar didn’t have a wall and was open to the street, so the lounge felt urban and meshed with the fashion district vibe.

After you relax and channel your inner fashionista, walk across the street to the Brazilian restaurant Wooden Spoon.  I love authentic Brazilian fare and this café was full of  Lo-Cals (Get it?).  This was a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle that L.A. Live offers.  So, go eat here because it won’t cost you a fortune.  That is another good thing.

See the wood spoon on top of the restaurant?  That is the only sign on the joint, so look for it to find this tiny treasure.

Now, my last tip is to check out Hotel Figueroa at 939 South Figueroa Street.  This Moroccan themed boutique hotel was built in 1925 as a YWCA residence and is funky and adorable. Go sit outside at the Veranda Bar by the pool. Order a $5.00 mojito.  They are delicious.

Since this gemstone is located across from the Staples Center you just never know who might show up and join you.  But, this isn’t a pretentious joint.  As Matthew Belloni from Esquire Magazine wrote: You want a poolside cocktail in sunny L.A. You don’t want the BS Hollywood scene. So skip the Sunset Strip and head downtown, to the back of the 1920s-era, Moroccan-themed Hotel Figueroa. Fewer model-actresses, sure, but the Fig’s ornately tiled bar and tables sprinkled among dim lanterns and tall cacti attract a more interesting neighborhood clientele — plus hoops or hockey people, depending on who just played at Staples Center a few doors down.

So, that is my wrap up of Fun and Fabulous Finds in mi favorito L.A.  I love L.A. and I love you too for reading my posts.  I mean it.  I do.

5 Comments on “I love L.A. (Downtown)”

  1. holly anderson says:

    this all sounds fun – I obviously need to head to L.A. some time soon!

  2. el says:

    enjoyed the journey and pic’s!

  3. fabliss says:

    lol i work downtown and didnt even know about these places! thanks for sharing!

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