Let’s Kiss and MAKE UP

I have officially “fallen” for the fun and fabulous fashion trends for Fall.

Let’s start by focusing on make up for this season.  The red lip was prominent during Fall Fashion week in NYC and the look on the runway was a bare face and bold mouth.

If you want to follow this fad, I suggest you try Ruffian Red lipstick by Mac.  Mac created three Lipsticks in collaboration with New York design house Ruffian, which are inspired by the shades of glamour featured in their ready-to-wear collection. These are produced in limited editions and all three of the shades will make you feel fashion forward.

To give your face that natural glow while hiding your skin’s imperfections, try one of the new BB creams that are currently being launched by many brands.  I recently wore Maybelline’s version and it has a built in SPF which is great when you unexpectedly find yourself in the sun.

Now, let’s focus on glamming up your gorgeous eyes.  When I was in L.A., I met the cutest girls from the Dermstore.  They have one of the best websites around  for ordering your beauty products.  Here are two of my favorites:

I love these false eyelashes from Japonesque.  They are $8.00 and give you that extra drama without making you look like you have spiders attached to your eyelids.  Listen, chickadees, I know Halloween is around the corner, but some of the eyelash extensions I have seen out there are not pretty…and they are costly!  So try my little find.  They come with a tube of lash glue that is latex-free and formulated with an easy-to-see purple iridescent color that dries clear, which makes for a mess free application!

If you want to grow your own lashes fast, people are swearing by  SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer.  You can use this on your eyebrows and eyelashes and it has been featured in many magazines and television shows.

And lastly, don’t forget about your nails this season!  I love this new color from Essie called “Good as Gold” in their metallic series.  The color rocks and I will be wearing it on my fun and fabulous fingernails this Fall.

So, readers, let’s all Kiss and MAKE UP and feel the love for Fall on your face. A big smooch from me to you filled with love. Until next time-

If you want to follow this fad, I suggest

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