It’s A Hairy Situation

I have been thinking a lot about hair.  Why?  Keep reading…

The first reason is because I have spent the past two months meeting high school students and their parents at College Fairs all over the state of Texas.  (I am a Representative for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising-FIDM).  Below is an example of a hip and happening hair style that I have seen on women of all ages from L.A. to N.Y.:

This hair DO looks as good with jeans as it does with a formal dress.  To me, it exudes that easy elegance that so many European women possess.  The messy bun also is as fun and fab on a fifteen year old as it is on someone fifty.

I am so obsessed with this look that while I was in L.A., I asked a woman in an elevator how she achieved her version of the messy bun.  She actually stopped and spent a few minutes showing me.  Once you do a bit of investigating, you will see that there are many ways women demystify the mess of the top knot.  You just have to practice to obtain your own trick of the trade.  But, that is what is cool about this style. Every messy up-do is unique.  I love that.

Now, I will admit that I wear my hair like this quite a bit!  It elongates the neck and the face and I think it is flattering.  Also, one of my tips is to pile it high on your head after it is washed when wet.  It is an easy way to have it stay in place.  I am so addicted to the ease of this look that I have taken naps (or as my friend Andrea says “sleeps”) in the top knot and it still looks good the next day.  Just ask me…Or, ask Cynthia who had to spend a week looking at my top knot while working with me in Dallas.

Finally, Vidal Sassoon passed away last May and his memorial service was in London this week. I remember having my hair cut and styled by one of his interns while living in Phoenix in 1993.  It was one of the best hairstyles of my life.  Mr. Sassoon was the pioneer of the Bauhaus bob and a true artist.  He perfected hair cuts years before Jennifer Aniston was on the television show “Friends” or Farrah Fawcett donned her do on “Charlie’s Angels”.  The photo below is a Sassoon style from the 1970’s and looks just as fashionable today as it did forty years ago.

I hope this posting encourages you to express your unique sense of self through your hair.  The next time you see me in an elevator, I will show you how I do my updo.  Lovin’ you and life…x0x

2 Comments on “It’s A Hairy Situation”

  1. stephanie says:

    I’m a huge fan of the messy bun. You’re right, so easy and can go casual or fancy!

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