Kate reminds us to be ourselves

I am at the age where I finally feel secure and comfortable with who I am (well, 87 per cent of the time)….

And because of that I am starting to have little tolerance for those who don’t embrace and love all of their fabulousness!  Time is short and there is so much to do that we should all roll out the red carpet for ourselves every day of our little lives.  I was reminded of  this fact when I read that the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts is hosting the exhibition “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen” now through Saturday, January 12, 2013.

We could all learn a thing or two from our friend Kate.  First of all, she was wearing khakis and open collared shirts in the 1930’s and 40’s when all the other chicks around her were wearing girdles and stockings.  This strong-willed woman took control of her career, was confident in her choices, and because of that became a fashion icon.

Let’s all have this attitude!  Fill your home with treasures that make you smile when you see them!  Wear an outfit that makes you feel fun and fab when you are out and about on the town!  The easy way out is to look like the person sitting next to you on the bus or have your living room styled as your neighbor’s house.  So, be like Kate the Great and pave the way today to define your own fashion and design sense. There is nothing wrong with being a little different….I will walk the path with you hand in hand.

Loving you all…

2 Comments on “Kate reminds us to be ourselves”

  1. LaVonne says:

    well stated! thanks for the reminder…

  2. Katie Laird says:

    Love it!! She reminds me of Amelia Earhart in this way too (one of my all time top role models) – fierce and beautiful in her own way and on her own terms. Strong women rock 🙂

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