Cecin’ San Antonio

It is always a lot more cool to hang like a local when visiting a town and not do the touristy scene.  While spending some starry nights in the Lonestar State, here are some fun and fabulous finds that I found with the help of my San Antonio friend, Ceci.

First stop was the Pearl area at the end of the Riverwalk. Sit by the banks of the San Antonio River, enjoy a Margarita de la Casa and eat at La Gloria Restaurant.  Chef Johnny Hernandez creates delicious dishes to celebrate the rich and colorful street foods of interior Mexico.  I eat a lot of Mexican food.  I know my Mexican food.  This food was divine. 

My suggestion for night number two is to savor San Antonio in style when you have a night-cap at Havana Hotel in Ocho Restaurant.  Hotelier Liz Lambert opened Hotel Havana which is situated on a quiet stretch of the North Riverwalk.  Ocho is this brilliant space that combines old and new worlds.  Here is how the hotel’s website describes the restaurant: The upstairs Ocho dining room, situated in a glass and steel conservatory reminiscent of a birdcage, opens onto the river and offers seating both indoors and outdoors. The beauty of the steel structure is highlighted in Tiffany blue, with couches and lounge seating filling one side of the luminous space and linen-clothed tables spilling into the courtyard. The downstairs lounge provides a dimly candlelit gathering place with velvet couches and antique leather club chairs suited for intimate meetings and secret rendezvous.  Here is how Michele (me, myself and I) describes the space: Perfection.

I hope you find your little piece of perfection in the world today.  You only live once and it is always nice to spend some time with a friend who knows you and still loves you anyway.

Until next time mi amigos!

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