P.S. I love you..and this…and that…

You could go for this…or you could go for that…

You know you are loving it too…Later-

3 Comments on “P.S. I love you..and this…and that…”

  1. Kathy Farrell says:

    Wait a minute, how long have you lived in Teeexxas chicken lips? The boots look like a John Wayne vintage pair, and the varsity socks look like you are taking a dump on the potty with your legging pulled down and separated. Do like the wishes idea though. Thinking of you today!!! Strolled down 5 th avenue looking at the beautiful windows!!! Love you and your post!!!!

    • well, I always was the one who had the fashion sense…hence why you are the doctor and I am the design chick! fyi…the boots are beyond fab..(I own a pair) and the socks are beyond cool (I am going to buy a pair to wear with the boots). Come visit me in Texas and we will doll you up for some Midwest love. xox

      • Kathy Farrell says:

        Sounds good!!! These are the only two things I didn’t like out of all your cool blogs. You are right that I was the conservative pre-med head and you always look styling!!! We are coming down over spring break and hoping to go to San Antonio and check out the cool sites you posted. Soo be ready for a margarita and some excellent conversations and my Midwest make-over!!!

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