Dear Readers

I made a vow to myself when I launched my blog

that I would only write when I was inspired by a person, place or thing that I thought would also inspire you-My  darling and dear readers.  I just never want to waste your precious time or mine. (And, secretly, don’t you hate getting blog postings everyday?  I mean c’mon!  No one has that much to say that is that interesting)!   Yesterday,  when I was at my son’s basketball game, a sweet friend said to me, “Michele, where is the love?  I am waiting for your next posting”.  Well, here it is.  I am getting the creative energy back in my universe. Sorry it has been so long.  So, let’s kick it in gear and feel the fun in my fabulous

I am in love with pairing sequin leggings with t-shirts.  You can wear something like this when grabbing a cocktail with a friend, to a party or even while running errands (I know…but I would do that! I would wear these leggings to the grocery store and I wouldn’t care who stares at me. You should too!)


The key to pulling off this look is pairing the sequins with a t-shirt to balance out the formal vibe of the pants.  I love wearing this Journey t-shirt by Chaser with my sparkly pants.

I saw Sarah Jessica Parker carry a mink muff and I have been obsessed with this look for four years! I finally found a vintage one for $45.00 that is also a purse and it is to die for…every time I carry it people stop and comment and go bananas (in a good way!).  This look is so unexpected and fine.  Here is one similar to mine:

mink muff

I am going to wear this ensemble to my friend Ellen’s girl gathering for the holidays.  I will let you borrow my outfit sometime because I know you want to wear it too.

I am loving you for loving me!  Thank you. Now go holiday party like the rock star you secretly are!  XO

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4 Comments on “Dear Readers”

  1. Julie says:

    I’m feeling the love! Thank you sweet friend!

  2. I love your posts. It has been so busy for us we haven’t had time to talk to the people we love. So we just want to wish you and your precious ones a wonderful Holiday
    Love Shell and Mar

  3. Ellen Morris says:

    Can’t wait! xo

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