A New Year…A Stylish Resolution

Hooray 2013!  My New Year’s Fun and Fabulous Resolution is

to really embrace all of my fashion and style finds and buy as many as possible during the next 365 days!  I think you should join me!  We may not have any money left to retire or eat, but we will have fun while shopping!  So, let’s kick off the first day of the New Year by having you sneak a peek at my fashionista finds.  Drum roll please….Sit down, because this little gem is a heart stopper….


Ta Da!  It is a rocking vintage white Mongolian fur coat.  I love this look.  I am going to wear it everyday while I am prancing around San Francisco in a couple of weeks.  You can pair this with about anything and it will look beyond cool.  Find yours on www.etsy.com in a variety of price ranges.  Now, let’s move forward with my next fun and fab find….


I am adoring these Mont Blanc aviator sunglasses.  They are classic and fashion forward.  Wear them with your white furry jacket and pretend you in a 1970’s movie with Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand.  Let’s continue…


I love this Smokin’Hot color of nail polish by Eyes Lips Face.  This company has great prices and is ahead of the color trends with make-up.  You won’t spend a fortune on products which will allow you to buy this..


Pin this 1970’s Foo Dog Brooch on the collar of your new coat or put a chain on it and wear as a necklace.  You can find these tiny treasures in vintage and resale stores.  So, now that you are inspired by the New Year and my New Finds, I want you to start the month by buying these items.  We can wear them together and pretend we are living in the 1970’s in San Francisco.  (I do this everyday in my dreams).  I hope all of your dreams come true this year too!  Love to you all-

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5 Comments on “A New Year…A Stylish Resolution”

  1. Oh, I love your taste and style and that dog pin is awesome! You just painted the best picture for me of being all dressed up in all of this stuff. How fun- Happy New Year!

  2. Ellen Morris says:

    Bon Annee! What kind of hat shall we wear with our furry furry coat?

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