I left my heart in SF (Part 1)

Let me tell you a little secret…

I think I lived a past life in San Francisco.  I love this city.  I adore every thing about it.  The first time I visited was with my Dad when I was twelve.  I knew my way around all the streets and just felt like I was finally HOME.  (Keep in mind, I was from Nebraska and didn’t have a clue)!

I have never had the opportunity to live there (for a variety of reasons that would make a great made-for-TV-movie).  But, I did have my first kiss there, met my first boyfriend there, and made sure it was one of the first places I took my son when he was born.  Every time the plane leaves and I depart, I leave another piece of my heart.

So, sit back and share my love of San Fran while I give you some highlights of my latest trip.  These are places you may want to check out if you want to live like a LoCal and not a touristy type.  Let the fun begin….

Have a cocktail (or two) at the Burritt Tavern.  Located in Chef Charlie Palmer’s Mystic Hotel in Union Square, The Burritt Tavern is a hidden gem offering handcrafted cocktails in an intimate film noir-inspired bar setting.  The drinks are great.  The atmosphere is laid back yet upscale.  The staff is friendly and there isn’t an attitude.  So, if you have a ‘tude then you better leave it at the door because you won’t blend in here.

cocktail menu

burrittAfter you finish your crafty cocktail, walk a few blocks and eat sushi with the locals at Ryoko.  This family run restaurant in the Union Square area has been around for 23 years.  The best part (besides the sashimi) is that this joint is open seven days a week from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.


ryoko-sushi-barNow that you have eaten some of the best Japanese Sushi of your life, walk a block down Taylor Street and check into the Serrano Hotel.  Owned by the Kimpton Group, this boutique hotel offers great service and is in a fab location.  You also can’t beat the price at under $200.00 per night.  If it is booked, check out their sister establishment Hotel Triton.  I have stayed here for years.  The Triton is on Grant Street right by the entrance to Chinatown.  They have complimentary happy hour for guests with tarot card readers and psychics every night.  Maybe when you go, they will tell you that you lived a past life in SF like I did?  Maybe we were friends in that life…And speaking of friends….

IMG_1817San Francisco is always more fun when you have love in your heart.  Here are my Fashion  Institute of Design and Merchandising-FIDM co-workers enjoying the vibe of SF with me.  I heart them. I heart you too!   XOX

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3 Comments on “I left my heart in SF (Part 1)”

  1. heatherjg79 says:

    You’re making me get really excited about my trip there in May… I’ve never been!

  2. Debra says:

    I think it’s time for a girls’ trip for fun . . . not work!

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