I left my heart in SF (part 2)

It is February, so let’s keep the love alive by continuing our chat about my love of SF…

And speaking of amore, let’s focus on feeling the vibe when it comes to shopping in the city by the Bay.  I could write a thousand postings on how fab the retail therapy is in SF, but instead I am going to focus on a few of the stores that are my favorites when I only have a couple of hours to get my fashionista fix.

I think shopping is like decorating. You look better and more interesting when you mix the high-end pieces with the vintage.  So, follow my secret to achieving this look from a few stores all within a couple of square blocks from each other in the Union Square area of SF.

Let’s begin…


I always start my shopping-a-thon by stopping at Goyard on Powell Street.  This is their  only boutique in the United States.  You can buy their items at Barney’s in L.A. or NYC, but if you want the full monty of products then hit the SF location.  I love Goyard, because you don’t see it everywhere and on everyone.  I am salivating over one of their white tote bags that I want to have monogrammed and carry this Spring and Summer.

SONY DSCgoyard03

Now that you have spent some bank, head on down to another one of my favorite stores, Loehmann’s, located on Sutter Street.  I am always yacking about how I bought something great there for hardly any moola.  This SF location is one of the best for fun and fab finds. While I was there they were having a sale and I found haute couture clothes for a steal.  Plus,  I just saved you a ton of money by turning you on to Loehmann’s, so now you can join me in buying a monogrammed Goyard bag for Spring!


After you leave Loehmann’s walk up Sutter Street and take a peek at some of the best vintage clothing and jewelry in town at Torso Vintages.  Here you will find gently worn furs, purses, accessories and clothing in impeccable condition from different eras.  The owner,Veronica, has a wonderful sense of style and her tiny chihuahua, Charisse, takes the cake in attitude and fashion.   When I was shopping, the dog was laying on a mink coat while lounging in a chaise. I just wanted to stay and hang out there with the pampered pooch and have a glass of wine.  The store has mucho good energy and is fun.  We all need a bit more of that feeling.

photo 1Thank you to my rockin’ FIDM colleague and friend, Tamara, for the common sense to take a picture of the puppy while at Torso Vintages.  She just knew I would use it for my posting!  Always nice to have your sisters have your back while you are consumed with shopping (ask them how many times in one trip I can possibly talk about a monogrammed Goyard bag. However on every excursion they continue to traipse around with me and allow me to ramble on an on…I love you chicas!)

Speaking of fun, end your shopping excursion at Gump’s on Post Street.  Gump’s is iconic and one of the oldest stores in the city.  I love their home furnishings section and while you are shopping ask for Mark.  He is knowledgeable, interesting and sincere.  If I lived in the city I would spend money there every day just to hang out with him.  (Now I sound like a shopping stalker)….


I hope you have enjoyed how I keep the retail economy rocking in Northern California.  Maybe one day we can go shopping there together?  I love you almost as much as I love SF. Until next time- XOX

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2 Comments on “I left my heart in SF (part 2)”

  1. Debra says:

    It sounds like you’ve planned the perfect day! All we need is a few stops to eat (and maybe have a little drink) and we’re set . . .

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