I left my heart in S.F. (Part three)

It is the week of love.  All around us are images of hearts and cupids…

We all know I left my heart in SF when I was 12, so let’s wrap up this series by feeling the vibe when it comes to food in this fun and fabulous city.  Now, some of my favorite eating joints while visiting SF aren’t the most glamorous or glitzy.  But, they do have heart and once you experience their ambience you will love them as well.  First up, is Cafe de la Presse:


I have visited this restaurant/coffee bar on Grant Avenue, for over fifteen years and I have yet to be disappointed.  It’s name and menu reflect the Parisian culture and cuisine. When you sit among the European newspapers you definitely feel a part of the vibe. I like to go there for coffee or an early lunch before I start my shopping excursions.  My favorite menu item is the Croque Madame along with a finely made cappuccino.  P.S. You also never know who you are going to sit next to or meet in this tiny café.

After you have had your caffeine fix, walk through Chinatown where you will enjoy the sights and sounds of the culture and head on over to North Beach.  North Beach is San Francisco’s Little Italy and home to some great restaurants.  While you are there, stop at Caffe Trieste’s original location on Vallejo Street.


This little gem has been in business for over fifty years and here you will find a varied and interesting clientele.  While I was there, I cried like a baby  for over fifteen minutes (another story) and not one person even noticed.  My point is that everyone is doing their own thing there and it is not a trendy scene.  It is a true Italian coffeehouse.

Stella shop

While in the hood, I usually stop by Stella Pastry and Cafe and grab myself some of the best Italian baked goodies in the country.  They have been in business since 1942 and when you taste their yummy creations you will understand why.  They are at 446 Columbus Avenue and it is worth the visit.

Leave North Beach and walk down to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Head over to Boudin Cafe at Bakers Hall and have some clam chowder in their infamous sourdough bread bowl.  I know it is touristy, but there is something still so fab about eating their chowder amongst the visitors.


After you have eaten and shopped your way through the town, meet some friends at Farallon  in Union Square on Post Street for happy hour.  Here you can have a half-dozen oysters and a great cocktail for $12.00. It is a fab way to end your fab day.

Farallon SF

Now, I am hungry and I miss my favorite city even more…Happy Valentine’s Day!  Don’t break any hearts this week.  Be my Valentine and I will be yours.  Always-

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5 Comments on “I left my heart in S.F. (Part three)”

  1. Kathy Farrell says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Michele!!! Those look like great places to go!!

  2. Ma says:

    How cool that Cafe de la Presse has European papers. I would love that!!

  3. Tamara says:

    I can’t believe you left out The Stinking Rose! I am still dreaming about that roasted garlic bath! It really was a fine night out! xoxo

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