Hey Now, You’re A Rock Star

Everybody has a bit of the rock star vibe to them.

It could be how you dress for a party, or the way you decorate.  I was with a good friend and she described my personal decorating style as “bohemian, rock star glam”.  I guess she is correct, although I don’t get the chance to incorporate that into my client’s decor too often.  However, if I think about it, I probably do add a tiny bit of “kick-back glam” into their homes in very subtle ways.

So, in keeping with my rock star theme of the day, here are some of my Fun and Fabulous Finds to inspire your inner David Bowie or Beyoncé.

Add some glitter appliques to your nail polish!  It is an easy and rock star way to express your creativity.  Below you see a photo of my recent mani using Essie polish in the color of Stylized.  I put a tiny green sparkly star on my first finger and a full moon on my ring finger.


The key in achieving this look is to remember less is best.  Only put one or two appliques on per hand.  I mean, unless you are really Adele or Carrie Underwood and singing on stage to thousands of people, you don’t want to look like a freaky overdone wanna-be!  Manicures are the new fashion accessory of the season and a great way to express yourself without spending a lot of money.  I saw that the E! channel had a “Mani-Cam” and asked everyone they interviewed on the red carpet of the Grammy’s to show off their polished tootsies.  So, be like the rock stars and have some fun with your nails too!


How about channeling your newfound golden girl attitude with this rock star ripped t-shirt by Wildfox?  And, since it is still chilly outside pair the shirt with this black leather jacket that looks just as cute with jeans as it does a dress.

religionleatherhopperjacketYou can find this Religion Leather Hopper Biker Jacket at ASOS for about $400.00.  But, go ahead and splurge on this little versatile find that you will own for years to come because you can round off your outfit by saving some pennies and purchasing this Horn Ring on their website for $10.00!

asoshornringI am a Taurus the Bull, so I especially dig the look of this gem that makes an outfit fun without making your wallet cry!  And speaking of fun…round out your Golden Girl look by purchasing these:

womensgoldbootThese gold go-go boots are worth the money at under $30.00.  Join me and buy a pair at Best Price Toys.  These will look really fab with your glowing golden skin, and I suggest purchasing this product for a naturally radiant look.

clarins-instant-smooth-self-tanning1-400x311I have used Clarins sunscreen for over fifteen years, and I am devoted to the brand.

So, rock star readers, I hope you know I am devoted to you as well.  Keep the music alive in your soul!  Until next time- XOX

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2 Comments on “Hey Now, You’re A Rock Star”

  1. Julia Sandoval says:

    Thanks for the tips Michele! You’re awesome!

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