I Want You to Stay

I want you to stay….

I feel like this has been a consistent theme in my life this week.  Wanting time to stand still.  Wanting everyone to just “stay” in place.  But, that is not reality.

So, like our friend David Bowie sings: Let’s turn and face the change.


He rocked out and released the song Changes in 1971 and in honor of his lyrics and that year, here are a few of my fun and fabulous inspirational finds.

rubylaneshoesI can picture David wearing these platform shoes in the 70’s as Ziggy Stardust.  I can also picture one of us wearing these today.  They are so crazy they are cool.  And for $95.00 you can have these vintage babies which are made in Spain on the website Ruby Lane.

bellbottom-bluesBell bottom jeans were all the rage in 1971 and they are still beyond rockin’ today.  They elongate your body and just look good.  Doesn’t Katie Holmes look happy and thin in her bluesy bells?

shes_pamperedContinue the pop glam trend and brighten up your digits by polishing them with Essie’s new color “She’s So Pampered”.

Lisafreedearrings.1280Round out your seventies style with these peace hoop earrings from Lisa Freede.  They are $45.00 and I love how they are a continuous loop that thread through your ear.

How rockin’ and rollin’ that all these fab trends of the early 70’s are back in style again in 2013!  Thank you to my friends who inspired this posting by our chats this week.  You are three beautiful and brave women.

As we make our way through the days this month let’s remember the words of Mr. Bowie: Time may change me, but you can’t trace time-

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