Kickin’ It Old School

In my opinion, the coolest people are the ones who

rock their world old school.  What does this mean?  To me, this is  a person who incorporates the classic into their everyday lives.  They aren’t the ones chasing the trends.  Instead, they are the ones setting them.  Here is an example:  An Old Schooler isn’t going to run out to get the latest pair of Prada shoes or the newest Louis Vuitton purse.   Instead they will wear their 10-year-old Gucci loafers while carrying their vintage Chanel quilted handbag purchased in the 90’s.  These fashionable fashionistas are comfortable with who they are and don’t need the newest and shiniest item to flaunt their status.

Town and Country magazine always gives great examples in their editorial of focusing on who is an ‘Old Schooler Kicker’.  (I made this phrase up and use it all the time when speaking to friends and clients.  I will say ” Let’s incorporate some Old School charm into your living room.”  Or, grab your mom’s vintage Dior coat and let’s go rock it Old School today for lunch.”)

So, in honor of my new fun and fab saying here are some of my ‘Old School’ finds that are so classic they are still cool.

nike-jcrew-vintage-sneaker-collection-4Loving these limited edition Vintage Collection Cortez sneakers from Nike which features 1970s-grade nylon, aged laces and an exposed weathered foam tongue that looks as fashionable today as when they were originally released forty years ago.

nike-jcrew-vintage-sneaker-collection-1Get them while you can at J. Crew and pair them with Daftbird which makes t-shirts that all the chicas in the know have worn for years.

SNT2017-M-WHT-1I don’t know what it is about Daftbird, but their clothing is as addictive as your Grandma’s favorite chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.  (Or, insert whatever you are addicted to in the above sentence, but you get where I am going with this).

floral dressSpeaking of the 1970’s check out this gorgeous dress in a water-color floral print.  This print is going to be all the rage for Spring and Summer.  I wish I could credit the above dress as I want to buy it.  Email me if you know who makes this fab find and I will share.

asoslYou will also see the floral Jacquard look in bloom on all types of clothing for the next six months.  Here are a pair of pants I found on ASOS and they remind me of what I remember my mom wearing when I was a tiny tot.  Prada showed this look for Spring 2013, but you can own these for around $50.00.  Wouldn’t these pants look divine with ten-year old Gucci loafers?  Yes.  They would.

I hope this post inspires you to dig around in your closet for all those items that are still ‘Old School’ cool.  So much more fun to be your self and not follow the herd.  Here’s to you and who you are!

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2 Comments on “Kickin’ It Old School”

  1. I really like it when folks come together and share opinions.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

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