Creativity. You have it. Own it.

I was attending a luncheon on the topic of authenticity and it was discussed that one of the key ways to live an authentic life was 

to tap into your personal creativity.  The moderator at our table asked each one of us how we incorporated creativity into our lives.  The question made some visibly uncomfortable and they couldn’t think of any way they expressed their creativity.  But, each of us is creative (even if you think you are not) and it is that unexpected bit of artistry that brings happiness and fulfillment.

I have tons of friends who are fabulous in the artistic fields of film, art, and photography.  But today, I will use my friend, Alicia, as my inspiration for this posting.  She is an Anesthesiologist at a major hospital, but she is also a free-spirited soul that loves to pursue art in her spare time.  I love her and I love her ideas and enthusiasm.

photo 1-1Titling this piece YUMMY FUN Alicia uses American candy wrappers to create sculpted goblets.  These bright foil flickers draw the viewer close and your childhood memories come alive when the realization occurs that the goblets are actually wrappers from your favorite pieces of candy.

photo 2(1)

I adore how Alicia translates her humor and spirituality in her work. In the piece below she uses QR codes to embed a message which makes the work interactive.  I commissioned Alicia to create an invitation using this concept for my eldest son’s  8th grade graduation class and it was beyond a huge hit with the teenage students.
photo 1
This piece shows the dichotomy of advanced technology and squalor, and that regardless of cultural and socio-economic differences all humans experience the same emotion.  If you want to find out more about Alicia’s work email her at!
photo 2
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Have a fun and fab day and remember that I am hanging out in the universe throwing out good vibes for your artistic happiness now and always-

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5 Comments on “Creativity. You have it. Own it.”

  1. Heather says:

    Great blog… I took a picture of candy wrapper wine goblet art similar to this that was at the Houston Fine Art Fair… Loved it! It must have been your friends work. Very very creative… It was one of my favorite pieces there.

  2. ceci says:

    Love the art–love the attitude!!

  3. April says:

    Is this the Alicia I know? She is so cool and fun! Thanks for another great post to make us really investigate our creativity!

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