I Want Mikhail Baryshnikov To Buy Me A Cocktail

Hello?  Mikhail where are you?  I have waited for you to buy me a cocktail since

I had my first professional job at a ballet company in their PR department twenty years ago.   I was fresh out of college and not very sophisticated about the arts, but I did know every day spent with the dancers was an adventure.  From day one,  I was hooked: The artistic directors, the artists, the performances, the opening nights…it was beyond exciting and glamorous.   For me, it wasn’t really work.  It was more like a fantasy.   I would take my lunch in a brown bag and spend my breaks watching the principal dancers bring their characters to life without speaking a word.


Twenty years later, I am still in awe of these amazing athletes who dedicate their lives to the art of dance.  Modern, jazz, classical…it doesn’t matter to me.  I love it all.  So, Mikhail,  I am available to have a drink with you at any time.   Maybe you could give me a tour of your BAC facility first, and then we can spend the evening with Anderson Cooper, Diane Von Furstenburg and Gloria Vanderbilt and chat?  We would have so much fun…


Here is what I will wear during our easy breezy summer night on the rooftop for our dinner together.


Adoring this animal print dress by Lovers + Friends.  It’s simplicity is what makes it edgy and fun.

AV_Max_teardrop_earrings_grandeGrooving on these earrings from AV Max Accessories.  They will look just as cool with denim shorts and a white t-shirt as they do with a dress.  And for $35.00 you will love the style as much as you love the price.

saltwater53_bestRock the retro coolness of these sandals from Saltwater.  Go from the city to the beach without ever changing shoes.  And for under $40.00 you will not only be stylish but also savvy with your money!

When Mikhail calls me for drinks and dinner, then I will call you too.  Maybe if you are lucky, you can join us….XOX

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4 Comments on “I Want Mikhail Baryshnikov To Buy Me A Cocktail”

  1. Julia says:

    Love it! May have to crash that party if he takes you up on it!

  2. What was your job there? Dancer?

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