Tiny Pieces Of Me

Staying true to who you are is challenging when it comes to fashion and design. (And life too!  Right?)  When I was speaking at a high school last week, I met a young lady who is a Freshman and had a fierce sense of her own style.  Out of the hundreds of kids walking the halls of the school she really stood out in the crowd and inspired me.

I spoke to the student later in the day, and was so impressed by the fact that at 15 years old she had a sense of self and worth that so many of us never achieve because of society norms or wanting to fit in with the crowd.  What a gift she found in herself that she is able to express who she is through fashion instead of being worried about what her peers think.

This posting is dedicated to her, and all the tiny pieces of yourself that others try to take away from you to make themselves feel better.  Life is like walking a tightrope.  We all are doing the best we can to stay on our individual paths while keeping our balance and not falling into others expectations of who they think you should be as a person.

Check out some tiny pieces of me (and that fearless high school student) that inspired me in some way this week as a designer and a chick who adores fashion.

ts38_00_mickey_mouse_disney_sprint_vintage_style_juniors_babydoll_long_sleeve_tThe fun and fabulous freshman I met was wearing a version of this vintage Mickey Mouse long-sleeved t-shirt.  No matter what your age, this top can add a bit of whimsy to your casual outfits.  The student paired her shirt with leggings similar to these below and her look was beyond adorbs.  You can find these and other great choices at Free People.purpleleggingsThis trend is called “mash-up” by fashion forecasters and the look is so easy to achieve.  We saw some of this style at Fashion Week in NYC this month.  Pair the look with this fun wrap around choker by Tai Jewelry.


I am obsessed with this necklace as it can be worn alone with a variety of outfits or would look just as good layered with other pieces.  You can find this gem online at Planet Blue which is one of my favorite boutiques in Malibu.

Round out your mash-up look with this rustic yet refined tote by Torchlight.  This little find will take you from day to-night and looks as fab on the beach as in a club.Torchlight_Mountain_Clutch_Vintage_Leather_1024x1024

Torchlight_Mountain_leather_clutch_scale_1024x1024I have been a red nail fan for Fall and this true, bright and bold hue by Essie is perfect.  It was just launched and named Twin Sweater Set in their latest collection.  Loving this color to compliment our transitional clothes as we enter the month of October.

twinsweatersetessieSo, here’s to you dear readers!  Don’t let the nay sayers take a piece of you.  Let’s all be true to yourselves no matter what your age.  Keep on rockin’ on…I love hearing from you. XOX  M

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    I have ordered from planet blue….


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