Depending on where you live October can be difficult to navigate when it comes to style and fashion.

Running around town trying to get into the fall vibe when it is still 95 degrees outside just doesn’t work.  But, neither does wearing shorts and flip-flops (unless we are rocking the beach scene-hello?). October is now upon us and you and your wardrobe need to be ready for the change in clothes and seasons.

Take a peek and find some inspiration with a few transitional pieces I am dying to wear to help me navigate the next four weeks of my style-driven life.  They are perfection for Fall.

Swing into the season with this long-sleeved swing dress by Missguided.  Loving the simplicity and ease of the style and the price as it retails for $27.00.

jeanette_2Pair the dress with these Gladiator boots from Kitson LA and you are good to go.

GLADIATOR-2Or, if you live in a colder climate, slip on these patent DR. Martens which would look so cute with tights and the dress.


Just as fab in the 80’s as they are now, these boots are all the rage with the celebs.  Miley Cyrus wore a pair of Cherry Red Docs in her Wrecking Ball video and they sold out immediately.  Get them while you can, because I guarantee everyone from teenagers to stylish seniors will be sporting this look all year.

0912-Miley-Cyrus-630x420And finally, I am back to wearing the darker hues on my fingers for Fall.  You should do it too!



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