Get ready, because I am going to share with you one of my favorite online shopping sites that is my current fashionista fix.

It is ASOS!  If you aren’t familiar, they are based in the UK, and the company is a global online fashion and beauty retailer that offers over 50,000 branded and own label product lines across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewelry and beauty.  Why do I love them so?  Because you can find items on their website that you can’t buy in the United States!  And, with free shipping and free returns, you can’t beat their customer service.  Below are a few of my current style obsessions you can find at www.us.asos.com.  Enjoy my fun and fabulous picks!

oxbloodclarksclarksThese ox blood patent desert boots by Clarks Originals were only released in the UK, but I nabbed myself the last pair available.  However, don’t despair, because they just released a color called Petrol Blue, and if you hurry you can buy them as well. Wear them and receive compliments on your stylish footwear as you prance around town.  They are so adorable and fashion forward that I pair them with everything.

rimelshimmerI love the beauty products from ASOS that are difficult to purchase in the U.S.  Rimmel London Cosmetics is based in the UK and I am dying to try their Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Sand for under $9.00.  This product is guaranteed to give your skin that winter pick-me-up glow that we all need during the colder months.

drbronner Baby, it is cold outside.  So, protect your kisser from the elements with Dr. Bronner’s Organic lip balm in Naked for about $5.00.

asos-multi-spinning-globe-binoculars-necklace-product-1-4032146-424900636_large_flexLoving the idea of layering this necklace with other pieces for Fall/Winter.  For around ten buckaroos you can’t go wrong with this spinning globe and binocular charm necklace.  Wear it and remember there is a whole wide world out there besides your tiny space in the universe.


pepeLastly, I am lusting over this quilted leather jacket by Pepe Jeans.  It is the perfect combination of refined and rugged and would look great with anything.  Grab yours now because it is currently on sale.

Now that I have shared my latest fashion and beauty obsessions, I want you to be obsessed with something today as well.  Life is too short to be boring…

Lovin’ it all and I love you too!  XOX

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