Stop, Drop and Roll With It

As the New Year approaches, I think we should all adopt my Stop, Drop and Roll With It mantra for 2014.  This applies, to everything from

fashion to design to our interpersonal relationships.  Keep reading, because I came up with this philosophy late last night while I was pondering my personal and professional existence and I think this is quite good…

Let’s start with Stop.  When I go into a client’s home for a consultation, nine times out of ten they keep making the same design mistakes with their choices over and over.  Why?  Because everyone likes what is comfortable and safe, but comfortable and safe aren’t interesting when it comes to style.  So whether it is your furniture, clothes or relationships, stop repeating the same mistakes again and again and try something new!

Now onto Drop.  This is easy.  Drop all the excess and unused items from your home and closet.  They are just taking up space and don’t serve a purpose.  When you let go of the old, you make room for the new.  The same holds true for people who aren’t adding joy to your existence.  If a thing or person isn’t useful, healthy or adding positivity into your universe then it is time to Drop them.  (I know that is harsh, but I just saved you thousands of dollars in therapy.  You can thank me later with a martini)!

Lastly, Roll With It.  By realizing you are not the expert on everything and not always right, you allow the wonderful to enter into your life.  My most successful design projects are the ones where the client allows me do my job.  I am not a lawyer, accountant or surgeon.  You are not a designer. If you are, then you don’t need my help!  So whether it is your home, fashion or life…Roll With It.  When you don’t control everything around you, beauty shines through in unexpected ways.

As we celebrate all that is new in the coming year, let’s remember a few of my favorite fun and fabulous finds from 2013. 


Here’s to us Rolling With It together in 2014!  Enjoy it all….XOX-

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4 Comments on “Stop, Drop and Roll With It”

  1. Edith Williamson says:

    Sweet ! I always learn from you !

    Wish you HEALTH, love, success, happiness, prosperity and all the best in the New Year !

    Edith and Co

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Peg R says:

    Michele- as usual you have given me both food for thot and delicious visuals. Thank you & keep it rolling my direction!!

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