California Here I Come

Drum roll please…can you hear it? 

I am excited to announce that April 25th Design and Decor is expanding to the Los Angeles area of California!  Oh- yeah, babies!  I have had such a fun and fabulous journey the past couple of years in Texas and have so much planned for the next chapter in Cali.

So, in honor of moving West, and all the great plans I have for the future, let’s bring a bit of sand and sunshine your way with some of my latest finds (which just happen to be LO-CAL designers).  Rock and roll people….

First up, is one of my most favorite Ca-Ca-Cali designers-Jen’s Pirate Booty.  Check out one of her newest creations.


All of her designs are beyond the best, and there is really something for everyone on her website.  The best part of purchasing one of her pieces is the label she sews inside every garment.


I mean if you can’t groove and dig on that sentiment than there is something wrong with you!  Now, moving forward let’s focus on Diane Cotton  a wonderfully creative jewelry designer based in Newport Beach, California.  I plucked up this necklace ten years ago, and I still wear it at least three times a week.

photo(12)This was one of my best accessory investments.  (I call my expensive purchases heirloom pieces.  That is how I justify spending a lot of money on something.  In my mind, I pretend that generations ahead of me will be carrying my luggage or wearing my jewelry. You can do this too!  It works.)

Lastly, I just discovered a fabulous furniture designer from Yorba Linda, California on Etsy.  Her store is FooFooLaLaChild.  She repurposes vintage pieces at a reasonable price and has a great eye for creativity and color.  I am thinking of purchasing these twin beds for my three-year old twin boys.

il_340x270.549750181_5n29These headboards are beyond wonderful and will work in their bedroom as the kids age.  Designer tip: When decorating a child’s room or nursery, choose furniture that you won’t have to replace in a year or two.  The coolest kid’s rooms are the ones that are child-friendly, but have a big-kid vibe in mind that grows with your little ones.  Mix the vintage with the new for interest!

So shop my California finds and come join me and soak up the sun.    More from Michele (me) later.  I gotta pack and go, go, go…

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13 Comments on “California Here I Come”

  1. April says:

    Wait, you’re moving? I can totally see you loving the Cali lifestyle. I am so happy for you Michele! Shoot me an email with the deets!

  2. Peg R says:

    Happy Trails, Michele-
    California is lucky to have you!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Congrats on your move Michele, I’m happy for you!!

  4. TArkfeld says:

    CALIFORNIA! Love it. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Jessica says:

    Wow, what exciting news Michelle!! So happy for you, best wishes to you!!

  6. Sandy says:

    Hey Michelle,
    You are such a talented and terrific person ! You will take on California and have a blast !
    So thrilled to know you ! I missed you on 2013-
    When do you leave ? I might get to Houston late January !

  7. Lisa Lucia Arden says:

    Gorgeous! Heavenly is your taste Michele!
    Michele’s work is ingenious yet genuine with dreamy beauty beyond imagination!
    She takes the first classic light of antique’s and adorns it with the modern loveliness.
    Welcome, to California! Blessings and Happiness, Lisa Lucia Arden

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