A Pretty Perfect Day

My idea of a pretty perfect day is

shopping and sitting by the beach.  Throw in my kids along with some friends and the day couldn’t get much better in my eyes.   Here are a few of my favorite places to hit for a fun-filled day of shopping, surf and sand.

On your way to Malibu make a stop at The Brentwood Country Market.

Brentwood_Country_Mart_2There is a reason the Hollywood set and the Stars like to hang out here.  Go grab your caffeine fix at Farmshop first.

Farmshop2_0Then take the kids and head on over to Toy Crazy.  This is one of the best educational toy stores I have ever been to and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  They wrap for free and have a great selection in all price ranges.

After the kids have been in shopping heaven head across the court to Reddi Chick.

1_911 This place has been in business for over forty years and the kids will gobble up the chicken nuggets and fries.  (Gwyneth Paltrow just wrote about this must-try stop on her blog).

reddi_chick_menuWhile the kiddos are munching away, I usually run over to Pressed Juicery  for my lunch.

pressed-juicery0002I am dying to try their 3-day cleanse program.

Now at about 1 o’clock drive 15 minutes to Malibu and enjoy the beauty of it all at  Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

photo(35)This is where the locals and surfers hang ten and I love, love, love it here….

Here is hoping you will have a Pretty Perfect Day of your own this weekend!


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2 Comments on “A Pretty Perfect Day”

  1. Ellen says:

    Don’t forget to take your chihuahua! What fun

    • Well, I would love to take them, but technically they don’t allow dogs on that beach! However, the next time you visit we will stick them in your purse and away we go….xoxo

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