Birdwell Visual for 808 Boardshort


Canvas back drop for window.

lighted coconut shell

Lit coconut shells or something similar at the top of the burlap overlay.  This will also attract and draw viewers to our product in the evening/night and can vertically drop on both sides of canvas on window for added effect.


On upper left side of glass window place a decal logo to the left of the burlap.

Imprinted on the burlap fabric add the following copy:

BE A PART OF CALIFORNIA COOL SINCE 1961 (black font and lettering)


Place three shorts on top of burlap overlay.  Add the copy:

808 Stretch Boardshort-An homage to surfing in Hawaii.

I would also suggest for summer time we have some fun product outside for tourists. Or host a Hawaiian theme day on a weekend with shaved ice etc.  This window display could easily come in at around $150.00 or less.