California Here I Come

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Read this… Why? Because it is April 2nd!

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something old is new again…

This is how the chair looked when I first purchased it.

Sanding process has begun...

This chair is a great example of how you can repurpose an old and dated piece of furniture into one that is versatile, stylish and functional.  The best part about finding items like this is that they are unique, well made, and you won’t see them mass-produced and sitting in anyone else’s home!  Just make sure you are choosing items that don’t need too much work, time or money.  There were four of these chairs, but I only bought two.  The others had broken cane on the back and I knew they would end up costing me more than I wanted to spend.  I started the project by cleaning the metal on the chairs with mild soap and water.  My husband sanded them down by hand with a 220 and 400 grade sandpaper.  They were then given several coats of glossy white spray paint made by Krylon.  The chairs were found at a resale shop for $25.00 a piece.  The covers were custom-made out of a white washable cotton fabric by Paula and Erika at and were $50.00 a piece.  After about two hours of elbow grease, I now own two fun and fabulous chairs that are very versatile and will be used in my home for years to come. Total cost: $125.00!