Creativity. You have it. Own it.

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Read this… Why? Because it is April 2nd!

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Kermit the Frog was is easy being green!

An idea for designing a room can come from many unexpected sources.  Here is a fun example of how you can let your imagination flow forward and inspire you:  Below is a photo of my cat “Lucky” lounging in the greenery on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

Look at me..I am a cat lounging in a bed of plants. Now I am inspiring decor choices for a room. I am famous. No wonder my name is Lucky.

The model below reminds me of Lucky lounging in the sun and I think it is hilarious (this has nothing to do with design and decor, but we all need to laugh!):

Don't you think this woman is trying to pose like Lucky? It is eerily similar...

Anyway, getting back on track…All of this makes me want to decorate a room retro Palm Beach crazy and do something like this:

I love how Nikki Hilton paid homage to her history...this is the same wallpaper found in the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel that her family owns. So clever that she incorporated this in her home.

Now take a peek at this vintage dining set I found for a client’s breakfast room. It was ironically located at the John Salibello showroom in West Palm Beach.  It now adds a fun and fabulous retro chicness to their newly constructed house.

I love this because it is unique and you won't see it anywhere else. Maybe my client's will invite you for dinner!?!

I am in the process of choosing paint colors for their breakfast room and a new ceiling fixture.  I am thinking something like this will look fab with the above table and chairs:

This six light bamboo tower chandelier comes in a variety of colors. Check it out at

And this color is a perfect shade of green.  Hence the name:

Breakfast Room Green Number 81 by Farrow and Ball

An easy, breezy green that is a fabulous find!

Sometimes it is the “everyday moments” that kick off an idea which shape your world…Take the time to notice where today may lead you. 

this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper…

this paper inspired my friend's remodeling project

I love wallpaper when used in moderation in a home.  I think it adds quite a bit of style and interest to a space.  However, when recently at a consult, I suggested to a client that we use wallpaper to break up a room and create a decorative focal point. She quickly replied that I wasn’t the designer for her, because wallpaper was in style in the 1970’s and not vogue today.  Well, she was correct. Wallpaper was in style in the 1970’s, but what she doesn’t understand is that it is very fashionable today as well!  I encourage you to take a look at all the fabulous wallpapers currently on the market!  Everything from flocked velvet to an amazing variety of grass cloths….check out for the samples below and a variety of other fun patterns.  I also adore Thibaut designs as I think they are classic and whimsical.  I have used their grasscloths for many recent projects.

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