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California Dreamin’

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this will be our little secret

I love a good bargain.  To me, there is nothing like the thrill of finding something you have been desiring from afar at a discount.  This is especially fun when you purchase an item that is this season’s merchandise at half the cost.  Take a peek into my closet and I will show you some of my most recent bargains.

Look at these peepers!  Prada white frames with gold and light brown gradient lens.  These are selling retail for $310.00 and I bought them for $103.99 (with an extra 20 per cent off coupon) at my local Loehmann’s store.    So holler!!!  This little gem is perfect for spring and summertime.  Put away your black darth vader shades and wear these to lighten up in every sense of the word.  Plus, you can channel your inner 1960’s diva and strut your stuff this summer when you prance about town.  I have owned these for a week and I have received about ten compliments on my Fun and Fabulous Find.

Now, during my same shopping excursion, I also happened upon this wardrobe essential:

Don’t stop believing..hold onto that feeling…Yes, that is right.  I scored this Vintage Wash Boxy Dolman  Journey T-shirt  in black by Chaser for $21.59 with my 20 percent off coupon.  This currently is selling online at designer stores for $62.00!

Now, don’t be sad if you don’t have a Loehmann’s store in your city.  You can shop online and be a part of the fun at  Check out these cute shorts I found on their website:

Don’t these look comfy and easy to wear?  Plus the price is just right at $29.99!  Denim running shorts by Blank Jeans. I can picture myself wearing them with my rockin’ t-shirt and sunglasses.

So, go grab your wallet and get a shopping!  Let me know if you find something you want to share.  I am always waiting to hear from you!