La La Land

I love to say that it is easier to live in la la land than reality.  Here are my current obsessions that make me want to escape into my dream world….

Got to have this necklace by Alexis Jewelry

LaLaLand_14k_gld_Necklace_cropped_v02Bridging the gap between free-spirited fun and high-end style,  jewelry designer, Alexis Simonian, is beyond fabulous.  The simplicity of this California native’s work is so cool that it is hot hot hot!  Buy one now in 14 karat gold.

dutchessI have gone ga ga over having my nails done in gold glitter gel.  I also think this pink version is a nice escape from reality and easy to wear.  Sparkle away shining star.

photo(43)Since our cell phones are always with us, why not have yours show your style?  Mine was made to order from BlingBlingSupply on Etsy.  Too cute for words.  I la la love it!

photo(40)This tiny wrist tattoo says it all…

I hope you have a La La Land day in your world soon.  If not, come join me in Los Angeles and we will have one together!


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Thank you to Alexis Jewelery and Dutchess for their images on this post!

4 Comments on “La La Land”

  1. Peg R says:

    OoooooLaLa! I love the glam kitty- thanks for the smiles, Michele 😉

  2. Lorie Canchola says:

    So sweet & cool! LC

  3. you are sweet and cool…xox

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